Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a health license?

Yes. We have a health license through the Summit County Health Department. We have what you call a “Mobile License” in which we can travel anywhere in the State of Ohio, set up and cook for you.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have liability coverage for our business.

How long has Fresche Catering been in business?

We have been in business for over nine years now.

What kind of events can you do?

Since our kitchen is mobile we can go anywhere in the State of Ohio and cook on site. Which means we can do any event such as birthdays, weddings business parties, VIP events, luncheons, holiday parties, family reunions, golf outings and many more.

Do you have Gluten Free Options available?

Yes. As of right now most of the menus we build are Gluten Free because we use fresh ingredients to make our food. Spices, herbs and non-processed products is where we got our name Fresche and we are going to keep it that way. Coming in fall 2016 we have a complete Gluten Free Menu to choose from.

Do you have Vegan Options available?

Yes. Chef Nick Rick is always ready to put together a wonderful vegan friendly meal for those who do not prefer meat. However we will need to know in advance if this needs to be an option for your menu.

Do you have a liquor license?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to purchase or provide alcohol for any event.

Do you mind if we have another vendor cater food in addition to yours?

Not at all. We love working with other companies to make your day as special as you have imagined it. Our goal is to provide you with great food, that you and your guests can enjoy.

Do you make cakes, cookies or pie?

Yes and No. We can provide small cookie platters for business lunches and deliveries, however we are not a bakery so we do not make cakes or pies for any event. We will refer you to an outside party.

Do you have a food truck?

No, We have designed our mobile kitchen on wheels; however we cook under our specialty made tents and all of our equipment is NSF and commercial. We want our customers to see us cooking their food “It’s a show that we love to put on” -Nick RIck